7 things to know for first-time business travelers

As experienced business travelers have known for a long time, the success of a business trip is measured by the ease with which you can move from home to hotel as quickly as possible;

  1. without misplacing anything,
  2. without getting ill; and
  3. by being prepared for all business meetings.

Efficiency is key. Here are some tips and tricks used by frequent flyers: 

  1. Packing cubes are your friend

Invest in some packing cubes early on. They will save you time. These neat, lightweight, and durable bags will compress your clothes, allowing you to use the limited space you have more efficiently. 

  1. When separation is good

For easy identification, get two different colored packing cubes, one for clean and one for dirty.

Or place your dirty clothes in the hotel provided laundry bag for the duration of your stay and then transfer to your packing cube when you leave. 

  1. Keep your clothes smelling their best

To ensure you always smell your best, place a dryer sheet in your luggage. Once checked in, place the same dryer sheets in your dresser to always be smelling your best. 

  1. Don't break the rules

Follow the TSA 3-1-1 rules strictly. Ensure all liquids are less than 3.4oz or 100 ml and remember, only one bag for liquids per passenger. If that’s too little, move to solids for shampoo, conditioner, foundation, and perfume, buy travel-sized toiletries, or use the hotel amenities. 

  1. Find new uses for contact lens cases

Use a contact lens case for creams if going for an overnight stay. It’s a great way to travel with the small amount you need of toothpaste, foundation, shaving cream, moisturizer, etc. Make sure to mark what is in each side.

  1. Remove decorative pillows and throws

Hotels rarely wash their decorative pillows and throw rugs that are placed on the bed or sofa. Remove them immediately. You do not know how they were used prior to your stay or when they were last washed—if ever. 

  1. Sweet dreams

If you cannot sleep with any light filtering into your room, use the coat hanger with the clips (usually used for skirts and trousers) to clip the blinds shut.  

Wrapping Up

Have you ever tried any of these? If not, you should definitely give them a shot the next time you fly.

Now that you know a few ways to make your flight easier, your flying experience will be completely transformed.